Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nate Bishop's Scrimmage Report

Nate Bishop posted a great review of friday night's scrimmage.

Here are a couple excerpts that caught my eye...

"Randolph was also solid for the white team. He looked fine under the basket, using spin moves and floaters to avoid the tenacious defense of Sam Clancy and Joel Przybilla. Zach was also active under the hoop, grabbing rebounds, and playing fairly solid 'd' on Clancy. It's clear Randolph's knee isn't bothering him, and it won't be too long before we see the Z-BO of old."

"Losing Miles proved to be too a huge loss for the white team. Immediately black started making a comeback behind Telfair and the play of Webster. Moving Martell over to Bassy's team seemed to be what the kid needed. He started hitting three's, running the floor, and stealing passes. Webster was all over the place. Between the two young guards, the black team was able to take a 54-50 lead at the end of the third quarter."


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